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Solving Christchurch’s Challenges

Christchurch faces unprecedented challenges. These challenges arise from unsustainable policies and practices which have led to a climate crisis, poor water quality and gross inequality.

Global warming from greenhouse gas emissions has created a climate catastrophe which threatens our very existence on this planet.

Our precious drinking water is tainted with contaminants and threatened by nitrates which are approaching our underground water supply from across the Canterbury plains.

Meanwhile Christchurch is a deeply divided city with many people struggling on poverty incomes without dignity or self-respect. Housing conditions and social impacts for many families are as bad as the 1930s depression.

Our current path does not make sense – it’s not working for us. We have more roads, increasing greenhouse gas production, escalating poverty and inequality, poorer water quality and a degraded natural environment. These are NOT what we should be passing on to our children and grandchildren.

Our Minto for Mayor campaign is based on a future which makes sense. We don’t have all the answers but we know where we need to be heading.
Our seven policies show the way to a future which makes sense for all of us.